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LOL, blame Liorah! I planned to make it a standalone, but Liorah refused to cooperate (as usual) and I had to change more than half of the book.

XD! Liorah’s more trouble than I initially thought! 😛

XD, Thanks! My first draft of my first book was 72k, but I have way, way too many filler scenes, and I skipped over a bunch of important ones, so I have no idea how long the first book will be. I’m planning the second for about 100k first draft.

Ooo, that’s a great goal!

LOL, I’m putting them in the character castle next. Those are the closest adjectives I could find, and I think they match pretty well. Here’s a snippet of dialogue that really summarizes their personalities:

LOL, that was so funny!! I love their personalities! I love to mix lots of different personalities, because it always manages to keep things interesting.

Thanks! My villain definitely needs development XD I have a bunch of villains, actually, and I can’t pick which should be the main one. In a way, almost everyone in the story is an antagonist, at some point or another.

That’s actually really awesome! I have my main villain, his raiders, and two surprising antagonists, but one dies, like, after one or two chapters, so I’m still trying to contrive some more.

I’m actually trying to shove the idea away for now. I’m already working on two projects at once and trying to plan the third book, but now I keep getting ideas for the Victorian book. XD I’ll just be going about my business, doing chores or whatever, and without any warning, “What if her father was a lighthouse keeper?” or “You know what would be cool? A masquerade ball.”

Ah, YES!!! Welcome to my world!! But, actually, that brings up a question I wanted to ask y’all (tagging @EVERYBODY): when do you come up with your best ideas? For me, its either while I’m actually writing, or when I’m exercising or vacuming. Yes, I’m weird, but vacuming is a great way to gain inspiration.

Plus, this entire idea gives me an excuse to go down the rabbit hole of piracy, corsets, Victorian etiquette, and the history of masquerades. Always fun XD

This is somewhat irrelevant, but I once named one of my snails Layfayette after the French pirate.

As for your character’s arc, hmmm . . . the positive one does seem stronger, but dystopian is always cool. I seriously don’t know! I think, however, that maybe I’d choose the positive arc because it might cause more friction within the character. I don’t have much experience with arcs, so somebody else probably has better advice. 😉


THAT IS HYSTERICAL! Especially Threepio, XD That story has got to be awesome, and the animals you chose are perfect 😀

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