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And a trilogy, wow! I wish you the best of luck and endurance! I have no clue how you guys stick something through long enough to get 50k and such!

LOL, blame Liorah! I planned to make it a standalone, but Liorah refused to cooperate (as usual) and I had to change more than half of the book.

XD, Thanks! My first draft of my first book was 72k, but I have way, way too many filler scenes, and I skipped over a bunch of important ones, so I have no idea how long the first book will be. I’m planning the second for about 100k first draft.

Also, I loved this description: “bubbly Sahar and cynical Acyn.”

LOL, I’m putting them in the character castle next. Those are the closest adjectives I could find, and I think they match pretty well. Here’s a snippet of dialogue that really summarizes their personalities:

To my right, Sahar tugged a reluctant Acyn onto the dance floor. I caught snatches of their conversation.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I’m going to trip and break someone’s leg,” Acyn said,

“You promised. We talked about iambic pentameters and dactylic hexameters, now we dance,” Sahar said, brightly.

“Promises are merely the chains wherewith we bind ourselves,” Acyn said, darkly.

Sahar is a ray of sunshine and Acyn is permanently gloomy. It’s sooo much fun to write, especially when combined with Liorah, the queen of sass.

And oooo, that next idea sounds so intriguing! I’ve never thought of something like that. Also, you’d better include that parrot.

Thank you! I definitely need to add the parrot XD

And to add my own advice to Arindown’s (that’s a really good idea, actually, to work on your main first. I tend to leave them till last bc main characters are scary, XD), I usually do the villain first. No, I do not like writing people’s downfalls just to torment them, I just like coming up with a whole bunch of bad things that made them turn evil. That was basically an oxymoron, but ok.

Thanks! My villain definitely needs development XD I have a bunch of villains, actually, and I can’t pick which should be the main one. In a way, almost everyone in the story is an antagonist, at some point or another.

I’m actually trying to shove the idea away for now. I’m already working on two projects at once and trying to plan the third book, but now I keep getting ideas for the Victorian book. XD I’ll just be going about my business, doing chores or whatever, and without any warning, “What if her father was a lighthouse keeper?” or “You know what would be cool? A masquerade ball.” 

Plus, this entire idea gives me an excuse to go down the rabbit hole of piracy, corsets, Victorian etiquette, and the history of masquerades. Always fun XD


I really like the Seamstress idea. It sounds really cool.

I find that when I come up with an idea and then get stuck, I’ll work on my main character (mostly focusing on character arc) and sometimes that will get me further along.

Thank you so much! I’m kind of stuck on the character arc, actually. I can’t decide between a flat arc or a positive one. I think the flat might work better with the theme, but positive might be stronger? I actually have no idea.

The positive arc would be that MC would be rejecting a part of her identity and constantly pretending to be someone else to be accepted, then gradually learn to accept herself.

The flat arc would be more that she already accepts her identity, but is forced by society to conform and resents it.

I really don’t know. The flat arc would definitely make it more dystopian, in a way, though.

Any advice, anyone?


Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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