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Hi Wingiby! So awesome to see you here again!
I love that story idea! I’d totally read it! I like how you have a sort of jungle-ish setting, that would be so cool to read about!

Howdy! And thanks! I really liked the jungle idea too; in fact, the idea came about after I and my family watched a video about Nepal’s sherpas on YouTube (its actually pretty sad 🙁 ) and an episode of the documentary series “The Most Dangerous Ways to School” on Nepal. Wow, is all I can say, and it was inspiring 😀

I like it! It’s somehow exactly how I imagined you speaking XD

Ha ha, really? That’s so funny, LOL! I think that when I speak, I’m trying to get all I want to say in and as fast as I can, XD

And a trilogy, wow! I wish you the best of luck and endurance! I have no clue how you guys stick something through long enough to get 50k and such! Also, I loved this description: “bubbly Sahar and cynical Acyn.”

And oooo, that next idea sounds so intriguing! I’ve never thought of something like that. Also, you’d better include that parrot.

And to add my own advice to Arindown’s (that’s a really good idea, actually, to work on your main first. I tend to leave them till last bc main characters are scary, XD), I usually do the villain first. No, I do not like writing people’s downfalls just to torment them, I just like coming up with a whole bunch of bad things that made them turn evil. That was basically an oxymoron, but ok.


Goodness gravy! I wouldn’t say that was cliché at all, it actually sounds amazing. Also, that was a really good blurb, now I really want to know more about Cheparo-Purusaharu, the old woman, and Bagha-Pagala (villains with backstory are the BEST). Do you have a picture collage or aesthetic for it yet?😄

Aw, thanks! I’m still working all my characters out, but if you want to hear more about them, I can share more when I do! 😉 And YES!!! You cannot have a good bad guy without the backstory. But no, I don’t have a collage. I’d like to try making one, though, and I think I will . . . but I do think the theme for this tale would be unselfishness, redemption, faith, and loss.

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