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Hi Wingiby! So awesome to see you here again!
I love that story idea! I’d totally read it! I like how you have a sort of jungle-ish setting, that would be so cool to read about!

^Ok, that’s how I actually talk in real life, LOL. Do you? I’ve noticed I tend to cut words short and add contractions, and now I’m eager to incorporate that into my writing more, ha ha.

I like it! It’s somehow exactly how I imagined you speaking XD

Here is my current WIP blurb!
The current title is “The Tribe of Sand and Azure” and it’s the first part of a trilogy. I finished drafting this and I’m currently rewriting it (Because I had no idea what I was doing and it was awful XD)

Seven tribes live in harmony in the deserts of Yerasht, or so it seems. A powerful tribe waits for an opportunity to rule the land unchallenged.
When the newly crowned king of the Lehabim is captured in an unexpected attack, impulsive princess Liorah must find a way to save her brother.
With the aid of her friends, bubbly Sahar and cynical Acyn, Liorah must rescue her brother before it is too late. If she fails, all she holds dear is lost. The enemy, Hakan, ruler of the Kezbes, will stop at nothing to destroy her family and her tribe.
Liorah becomes entwined in a war bigger and more dangerous than she bargained for. Not everyone is to be trusted and nothing is as it seems in the deserts and cities of Yerasht.

I’m also drafting the second book, and I’m about 50k words in on it, about halfway.

I also have a faint, distant idea that keeps bugging me and I’m sort of thinking it over. Here’s what I have so far.
The setting is Victorian-inspired, and it might be loosely based on Venice. (Not sure about that yet…)

The theme will probably be ‘identity vs. acceptance’ As in, should you give up your identity to be accepted?

The main character is a seamstress and an immigrant. Sometime before the start of the story, her country had some sort of crisis, (nope, haven’t worked that out yet.) and a lot of people left. This naturally led to some distrust toward them in the countries they immigrated to. (To get an idea of that, think of all the Irish and European people that immigrated to America, and the consequences.)

So it’s much harder for her to find work and she has to lie and pretend to be something she’s not if she wants to help her family. The first plot point is that she lies her way into a job, but then gets found out. She’s offered a job as a seamstress by a mysterious lady, who later turns out to be not quite what she seems. I’ll stop there, to prevent spoilers. (Also, that’s basically the end of the idea. XD) So, I only have the setting and the setup.

I have a faint idea that there’ll be pirates and a parrot that conjugates Latin verbs, but that’s still an idea in progress XD

I’d really appreciate any feedback!

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