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Hi y’all! I’ve been absent from the forum for a little bit, but I decided to make a reappearance! 😉 I saw this topic and thought, hmmm, this would probably be a good place to test my new fantasy idea on before I decide I’m not going to write it actually.

So, here is my blurb/synopsis/whatever! Btw, all of y’all’s stories sound amazing, and I’m blown away by all of the creativity and unique ideas!


Chaha Milan’s life was difficult and dangerous, as were all lives in the Katishi mountains. But it was home, it was what she knew, and it was what she loved and cherished with all her heart, even though she didn’t know it yet. Even going on the deadly path to school with her four younger siblings was something she would learn to miss — because when the Bagha-Pagala’s (Tiger-Madman) raiders threatened the village of Paepaw, they had to leave the beloved mountain jungles and flee to Euron, where the forests were decidious and the land quite flat and the people as odd as could be.

But even then, they were not safe. They thought they had outrun and outwitted the Bagha-Pagala, but any who tried only tried in vain. His raiders came in many forms and many vices, and soon Chaha found herself alone with her dying sister, Ihina, and an old but brilliant woman on an impossible mission: to find and kill the silver tiger of the somber moon to heal Ihina. Perhaps, with the help of a rogue Cheparo-Purusaharu (lizard-man), a moody cowboy, and the hardy sherpas, they will find their quarry.

But the Bagha-Pagala longs for healing as well, and he is beyond the reach of mercy.


I know, “The Tiger-Madman” is super lame 😛  So that’s why I translated it into Nepali via Google translator, LOL, and was pleasantly surprised. This story’s a bit cliched, but I’m trying to weave some original things into it. Hopefully it’ll work, ha ha.

I light the arrow, pull the bow,
Shoot that fire right through my soul.

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