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Continuing the above


11. Do you desire to protect anyone?

Rolinde.  She is precious to me.

12. Who do you admire and why?

Danior, I suppose.  His level-headedness is unmatched in our little band.

13. Who annoys you?

Hester, at times.  She is a bitter creature.  Serpo, though he dislikes me, takes care not to become a nuisance at least.

14. Who do you not like?

Ingor, though that should not come as a surprise.  He has taken almost everything from me; why should I not despise him?

15. Do you have a pet? What kind?

No, though there was a black fawn that followed me for a time.  I paid it no attention.

16. What hobbies do you have?

Survival is my main occupation, followed by seeking vengeance against Ingor.  I do not have much time for hobbies.

17. What do you do for fun?

If there is no present danger I spend much time with Rolinde.

18. What do you hate?

Ingor and his Maeres.  And betrayal.

19. What do you fear?

That Ingor will also take Rolinde from me, as he took Cynthia.

20. What makes you angry?

Ingor, and what he has done.  Because of him I was orphaned and abandoned.  His Maeres murdered Kezia and he stole Cynthia from me.  He is the root cause of all my sorrows.

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