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I look a lot into older cultures and their beliefs and usually match them to the correlating culture in my work, sometimes adding bits and pieces of other cultures too.  Ones I’ve made so far:

An Abrahamic religion that is mostly Christian but has traditions and other bits and pieces from Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and Romani beliefs – this is the main religion of Kitharin, the nomads in the Natrada, and most of the Eya people.

The above religion mixed with Celtic practices and beliefs in a culture that has almost entirely turned Christian (their former gods were rewritten into saints and they worship God through admiring his creation (nature) instead of worshipping nature directly) – this is the main religion of the Keltigaels and many Keltaics that live either off the mainland or on close borders with the Natrada.  There are still some pagan holdouts in the Keltigaels though.

Basically the old Celtic religions – former religion of the Keltigaels and some Keltaics still carry the traditions.

Essentially the Old Norse religion with some influence from Germanic peoples as well given the similarities of many myths – this is the former religion of the Nors people of Tyggr-höfn, as most have converted to a branch of the Celtic Christianity of the Keltigaels, most notably the Oberjarl Thrand and his family.  There are still a great many holdouts among the Nors.

A legendarium of old heroes of similar stories to Beowulf (without the Christian backdrop) – this is less a religion and more the cultural belief of the Northmen

this was Brendin’s beliefs

And then less Atheism and more the belief that humans are superior to everything, mythical/magical or not – the belief of the Arian empire, who were not the most pleasant.

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