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Thank you! Hmm.. Yes and no. She might be the main character from the Victorian fantasy, or she might turn out not to XD I actually don’t know. The aesthetic matches the Victorian fantasy, but I don’t know if I’ll use her specifically. I just had a really vivid idea and had to draw it XD

Ah, yes! Sometimes an idea comes that’s so vivid but you just don’t know where it fits but you have to get it out XD.

I usually kinda eyeball it until it looks right and flip my canvas about fifty-thousand times. Also, the coil method was super helpful and kind of mindblowing. It’s a YouTube video by Sycra, and it’s the coolest thing!

Lol ikr! I’ve never heard of the coil method before I’ll have to look it up it sounds awesome!

I’m pretty excited to write it, but I want to finish Liorah’s trilogy first. No, I still don’t have a series name XD, though I have all the books temporarily titled. I’m going with an ‘X of Y and Z’ pattern, since I kind of like titles like that. So far I have: “The Tribe of Sand and Azure” and “The Assassins of Mountains and Moonlight”. For the third one, I’m thinking about something like “The Queen of Blood and Thunder” or maybe “The Crowns of Blood and Thunder”. I’m not sure yet XD The titles aren’t final yet, what do you think? Does Ehud and Rosy’s story have a title yet?

I love those title ideas they definitely sound like books I’d pick up and read! I like “The Crowns of Blood and Thunder” title over “The Queen of Blood and Thunder” but I think they both sound so good.
Ehud and Rosy’s story is probably “Beyond All Borders” but you just never know for sure what the title will be until it’s finished XD, and I have to consult @rusted-knight with that since he’d my co-author 🙂

It’s so awesome that you’re writing fantasies set in other times and places! I’d love to read a 1920’s fantasy, that sounds epic!

Thank you! It was my brother’s idea and I am rather bored with the same old medieval era fantasy-setting (although any setting made unique is really cool to read about even if it’s medieval!)

Here’s the final picture

I actually love how the colors came out. I’m using a new technique, different from the one I used for Rosy. I have a tendency to overblend stuff, so I changed it a bit. It gives pretty nice colors. And color dodge, of course! (I’ve been watching too much Ross Draws, XD but it does look awesome! It kind of makes it look like it’s glowing, and it works especially well for hair.!

Lol I am the queen of overblending XD. He has so much dimension with those colors! Especially the cloths and the hair!

Sorry I took so long replying I kept meaning to and forgetting XD. Anyway here’s a non-colored (still scared of coloring lol) sketch of Ehud

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