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Odd thing is that I have a lot more reformed villains than actual villains, so figuring out who to do the questions for was hard…several villains don’t really have much of a backstory, which is part of the problem.  I have a tendency to make murderous narcissists who don’t care about much.  So I’m using the surprise villain from one of my stories since he’s more fleshed out than the obvious villain.

1. Where did you grow up?

Travelling in the woodlands around the Wold.  We had to keep moving constantly to avoid the Maeres hunting for me, but I didn’t know it at the time.

2. Who took care of you, if anyone?

My foster mother, Kezia, and her family.

3. Were you ever loved as a child? If so, by whom?

I’m told my birth parents loved me, but I don’t remember them.  Kezia raised me as one of her own brood, even giving me preference to some of her sons.

4. As a child did you ever love someone? If so, who?

Kezia was my mother, and I loved her as such.  I was also close with one of her daughters, a slip of a girl named Sindri, though that didn’t last very long.  Cynthia was my true love, until I lost her.

5. Who acted as mentor for you? Did you ever have one?

Danior, Kezia’s oldest son.  He taught me to hunt and defend myself.  And when I came of age he followed me as a companion in arms.

6. How many people have you ever trusted? What was the result of that trust? (Explain for each person.)

I trusted Kezia with my life and my happiness during my childhood.  She always kept me safe and protected, hidden from the Maeres.
I had trusted Sindri too, but she broke it.  So I drowned her.
Danior was my brother, he had my faith.  He never did anything to lose my trust, and he is still by my side.
I’ve trusted Serpo to fight alongside me, because I know he will choose me over the Maeres, but I sleep with an eye open to make sure I don’t get a knife to the ribs.
I loved Cynthia and told her everything, but I think she feared me towards the end and it shook her faith in me.  But she gave me no reason to distrust her.  What she is now was not her doing; I cannot even say it is really her.  So I say Cynthia never betrayed my trust.

7. Who has hurt you? In what way were you hurt? How did you/are you dealing with it?

Sindri.  I thought she loved me, but she betrayed me for another of my band.  She would not tell me who.  In a rage, I drowned her.  It was a moment of weakness, I admit, but I do not think she was undeserving.  However perhaps if I had restrained myself Serpo would be less likely to want me dead.

8. Is there anyone who you currently love?

Rolinde.  I admit it is more of an idle love than something as deep and strong as my bond with Cynthia, but it is a love all the same.  We care for each other and guard each other’s backs, but I cannot share my secrets with her as I did with Cyn.

9. Is there anyone who you currently need? How do you feel about needing to rely on someone?

I need all of my companions, except perhaps Serpo.  I used to believe I would be better off as a self-reliant loner, but after what happened to Cynthia I came to appreciate the skills and abilities of my friends.  Without them I would not have lived nearly so long.  Danior, Rolinde, Tamara and Hester especially.

10. Do you have any friends?

Yes, almost all of my companions.  Serpo is more in the ‘allied enemy’ territory, as his desire to defeat Ingor is stronger than his disdain for me.  Danior is my brother; Rolinde is a good friend I am intimate with; Tamara cares for all of us and looks after us; Hester, despite her dourness, is one of our fiercest fighters; Naomi and Patrin are just as loyal as the others, though I do not know them as well.

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