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Lol, I kinda wanted to but I didn’t.

Probably for the better. XD

Ok, neat! I have dwarves and a dragon in my story too! (Actually at the moment their elves, but when people think of elves most people picture the ones like on LOTR and that’s not how these are so I’ve been thinking about changing their title to either dwarves or maybe even garden gnomes)

Nice! And haha yes I can understand the name changing thing. My dwarves are typically grumpy but loveable lumberjacks…which is not quite your LoTR questing-treasure-hunters-that-save-the -world-dwarves lol. What do your dwarves look like?

I had to give Finn, Julian, and Lacey some struggles (the pirates hold them captive as slaves) but it’s not too bad. They are a ton of fun to write about though!

Oh, ok. That makes sense. 🙂


Nice! Melting pots are great. 🙂

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