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Heyo!  I haven’t been very active recently, sry.  But here’s the synopsis of my WIP, Lioness:

On October 10, a tremor in the Pacific Ocean caused a massive tidal wave that hit the state of California, wiping it out entirely and killing millions. The floodwaters flowed all the way to the borders of Nebraska. And another one is coming.
On October 15, Emiyn Martinez was chosen to leave Earth and, with thousands of other prodigies, travel to a new planet to build and repopulate. It’s the chance of a lifetime, but she unwillingly left her family in the process. And she’s determined to save them.
On October 16, Aven King was left on Earth to die in the next global disaster. Her only friend is a young, injured veteran who was engaged to Aven’s stepbrother before he was killed in a car-crash. Aven wants more than anything to get on the ship that will carry her stepsister to the new planet.
With opposite destinies and one goal, the sisters will stop at nothing to save each other and their loved ones from impending disaster… all before it’s too late.
And the clock never stops ticking. 

i tried to attach a collage but the file size is too big… oh well.  Anyways, cool topic. 🙂


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