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Hey, @zee! No problem it’s given me some time to get some descriptions together.

So I’m struggling to draw my queen and king and I seem to be more satisfied with other people’s drawings rather than my own. I’ll give you the description for both, but you don’t have to do both you can just choose which one you like better.

So Queen Emery-

Long, thick curly brown hair with a hint of red (like not Rapunzel, but still really long),        She’s in her early 40’s, green eyes, and she’s beautiful and really kind. She would wear a white dress with golden flower print.

King Hudson-

He’s strong, tall, handsome, in his mid-forties, with short, thick dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a trimmed mustache and beard. I can’t decide what he would wear… My mind always goes to how Disney kings dress but I can’t use that XD He would probably wear something like this:

If you need more details let me know! Thanks!

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