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That’s so cool! I love how you’ve thought things out down to the mechanics of your world’s gravity! I took the easy route and just made mine a sphere with earth-like physics. 😛


Haha, thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

My friends would pronounce mine different then how I would, so I just changed it to what they thought it was

Oh. lol. You’re more cooperative than me. I’m just like, “That’s their name. End of discussion.” XD

Ok cool. I was just thinking there might be little things like the dragons arguing over whose  silver is whose.

Ohhhh gotcha. Well the dragons don’t really argue about silver among themselves, but the Dwarves come and try to loot it. So, I guess Dwarves vs. Dragons could be a little comical.

Then I also have pirates in my story who are supposed to be the ‘bad guys’ but they are actually quite humorous.

I mean, they’re pirates! Who doesn’t like pirates? (As long as they’re not ruthless evil pirates.)


Wow, two WIPs. That is indeed, suicide. But good for you! (Those sentences don’t seem like they belong together but I hope you know what I mean haha.)

They both sound really interesting! The one with the lore reminds me of something I was telling joelle-stone. I enjoy making up the lore and history of a world more than I do writing a coherent plotline. Do you feel the same?

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