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I like the idea for your story, @beth20. I think it could be quite good.

A few thoughts/questions…

What’s the setting? I’m assuming ancient or Medieval times, due to the presence of an Earl, but may be wrong.

Why does Ashton live with the Malum Draco? Is he the son of one of the members, or is he someone they’ve kidnapped and plan to sell? If his best friend was killed for defiance, it seems they might sell him on as quickly as possible to avoid that happening in his case, too.

If Estella’s parents are aware that she occasionally sneaks out without her bodyguard, why aren’t they panicking? Grounding her? Or do they not consider the potential threat that serious?

If the Malum Draco want Ashton back so badly they’d kidnap someone else from the place he’s staying in order to get him, why can’t/don’t they just kidnap him?

I’d like to see what you come up with, too, so please do share when you’re ready!

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