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So I have two WIPs, currently (suicide, I know).  One is a modern fantasy world where there is an organization that hunts down mythical beasts, and the story focuses on a particular team of this organization.  There isn’t much of a main character in that story (there rarely is a main character in my stories).  Major themes involve forgiveness, family, brotherhood, repentance, and healing.  Officially I’ve got about 1.5k, but that’s not including future scenes that’ve been written and are just yet to be worked in.

The other WIP isn’t so much a story as a world with a myriad of stories in it.  I have a ton of lore on this world but no idea how much actual writing since it isn’t all in one place.  There are ancient conspiracies, seafaring Norsemen, Celtic islands, a vast desert civilization, a lost continent, an I’ve-lost-count number of species, and a University with a library so ancient and vast it would be equitable to the Alexandrian Library if it hadn’t burned.  The stories are lots of different perspectives on just humans in general, from the throne of a depraved and godless empire to a brotherhood of recently reformed pagans to an unforgiving desert where the children of an everlasting, loving God thrive.  Characters come from all backgrounds and the main theme is repentance and atonement for most of the world.  Specific stories within this world include:
Formerly pagan Nors having to deal with the sudden culture shift and conflicts ensuing the religion change.  Also touches on the Keltaics (who have also recently turned away from paganism)
A damaged young woman trying to lead an empire that has become godless and decadent over time.
The present-day culmination of an ancient conspiracy (this is actually a D&D campaign I’m running that I will novelize)
Star Wars but if it was Arabian Nights instead
And the story that all this sprang from, which I don’t really know how to explain without a) heavy contextualization or b) massive spoilers.  [@joelle-stone this is the one Brendin comes from]
There are also stories from the other continent, but I’m not technically the author of that.

Ask me any and all questions, I’ll be happy to answer.  And if you want random tidbits of mythos and worldbuilding I’ll willfully oblige.



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