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Joelle Stone


Kind of. Imagine a squashed cylinder with cliffs for the sides. There’s also a “toxic” mist that surrounds the cliffs, so you can’t see the bottom and you most certainly don’t want to fly down if you have wings like the Aves. The “top” is the most inhabited part of VaSerBo, and the people up there have no clue that the bottom exists at all. So, remember how people used to think that the people on the other side of the world were upside-down b/c the earth was square or something? I based this off of that. Gravity was a pain for a while. XD All the rivers on the top and bottom flow to the cliffs instead of to the ocean (although several make a stop at the ocean before going to the cliffs) and pour off the edge. Obscured by the mists, they reach the small line of gravity in the center of the cliffs and are pulled into tunnels in the rock, where they eventually meet up with the giant ball of water in the center of VaSerBo. The lakes and ocean draw their water from that, so it’s kind of a never-ending cycle. 🙂 Hopefully that made sense.

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