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I’m glad you found a way to make it all work out! I’m still working on smoothing out all the wrinkles of mine, but I’ll get there…eventually. 😛

It’s either that or we’re both totally crazy XD

Well, I’d rather be crazy with someone else than crazy alone. XD

Ugh, I hate coming up with world names… People are easy, there are billions of websites out there with long lists of names for people.

Yeah, worlds are harder. Though for people names I generally just type a mishmash of letters until I like how it looks. Then of course my friend gets annoyed at me for making unpronounceable names lol.

What genre is it? Do you have any comedy in your story?

It’s Fantasy, though there is some comedy. Most of the comedy in it though is dry humor or irony-type humor. What funny situation were you thinking of for the dragons? And what type of humor is in your story, if there is any?

I know, it’s amazing! I just started using it myself XD

Yeah, I never used it before because it made me feel like my posts were too long and I was talking to much or something? I don’t know. 😛


Thanks! I tend to make legends/myths for my book more often than I do the actual story writing. It’s a problem. XD

My world has no oceans, at least on the top. On the bottom…

Ok, hold up. Now you have me curious. You have an upside down world?!

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