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Right? There’s always so many little things and timelines that have to line up. And then of course you have an idea that forces you to rethink an entire section. The struggle is real.Y

Yes it’s always the little things that people don’t think twice about! I’m trying to remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure when I first began writing this story, I had zero intentions on Dominic being related to the royal family. Now that I think about it, if he wasn’t then my story would be a disaster! (And about 8,000 words shorter.😂) It would make no sense whatsoever.

Yay! I’m not totally crazy! It’s always nice when I find there’s another person who thinks like me.

It’s either that or we’re both totally crazy XD

Well let’s see… Randomness… So in my world (which really needs a name lol) there are sea dragons who are obsessed with silver and have collected it for ages. They have so much of it, that at this point the sea bed literally “shines like sliver”. Thus the dragon’s sea got coined the Silver Sea.

Ugh, I hate coming up with world names… People are easy, there are billions of websites out there with long lists of names for people.

That sounds super neat! What genre is it? Do you have any comedy in your story? (That could be a funny situation which is why I’m asking;))

I’ve never really used the quote button, but wow that’s useful. XD)

I know, it’s amazing! I just started using it myself XD

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