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Oh no XD You’re really good at it, so I guess I could handle the blame for that.

Lol, that’s alright! So the uncle, an evil scientist named Dominic, poisons her kinda accidentally. So what happens is he’s trying to steal the kingdom, so he makes this deadly serum to pour onto a butterfly that’s supposed to go to the royal family. It’s supposed to touch each member of the family and divide the poison among them to kill them because he would be next in line since he’s the king’s cousin, but instead all of the poison goes into Eliana’s necklace. She puts it on not knowing anything about it, then she can never take it off.

Good job! That is Eliana. I was wondering how you knew then it clicked-the necklace 🤦

So the other girl is Lacey (she’s the only one I drew) then the boy in the top corner is her brother Finn, and the other boy is their friend Julian.

If you have any other questions about anything, I’d love to answer them! 🙂

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