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Thanks! And 21k is definitely not pathetic! Mine is mostly brain dumps and I bet half of it will be deleted eventually. 🙂

Ya know what, I think I will try my hand at collages. I’ll be right back. *Embarks on collage making rabbit trail* *returns an embarrassing amount of time later after having scrolled through way too many pretty landscape photos* Alrighty…. and of course the file is to big to embed. *facepalm* Ah well, here it is in a google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e6D1Nvf9ig1c4GLZM66pLp7oPAP4JSxQUbe4es94-g8/edit?usp=sharing

You mentioned you do lots of other collages, are any of them for your story? If so would you mind sharing them and telling me a little about your story? 😀


Aw thanks!

Also, sorry, I couldn’t help but read the summary you gave for Gracie. All I have to say is what are you talking about?! That’s a perfectly good summary! Not boring at all, in fact, half-human people sound very interesting, especially if they’re gallivanting across the country.  🙂


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