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Joelle Stone


Ooh, your story sounds really good, and you described it very well! I really struggle with that.


*considers* As I told Lona, I really struggle with describing my stories in way that’s neither boring, cliche, arrogant, overly-detailed, or confusing. I guess I’ll give it a go.

The Keepers of the Nine are chasing down the tyrant they tried to capture in the last book (he escaped). The Keepers consist of six humans and three half-man creatures: a Centaur, Ave (human/bird), and Arthro (human/spider). Of course there’s bumps along the way, otherwise this would be a boring book. For instance, the tyrant appears to want the Keepers to catch up, and they don’t know why. Another problem is that Jenis, one of the human boys, begins to have second-thoughts about seeing the quest through. And, since problems are great fun to write, the powers begin to get a bit rebellious (in VaSerBo – my world – powers are basically another race). The theme is forgiveness, although there are probably some unintentional ones in there too. 🙂

So that was bad. And long. And boring. And cliche. XD

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