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That’s alright! Don’t worry about it. 🙂

Yeah, we did have fun! It doesn’t reassure me about learning to drive though. My younger sister has been nagging me about it saying she wants me to get my license so I can drive her places and I’m just like, “Are you kidding? I’ll crash into a stopsign at 5mph and still kill us both.” XD

Oh cool! I haven’t heard of most of those, but I play Minecraft with my brother sometimes. Do you have a favorite of the videogames you mentioned? (And nerdiness is the best. 😛 )

Yay for progress! You’ve done more than me if that makes you feel better. And I don’t really have an excuse so….yep. Three cheers for procrastination. 😛

Nice! Haha that does sound a little like brainwashing. I figure you’ll be ok though. XD

Ah yes, always a good day when no buildings burn down lol. And that definitely sounds yearbook worthy. Did the lights get fixed?

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