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Wow! All your guys’ stories sound great! Your collages are really nice too, but unfortunately I can’t return the pleasantry and show you one. (I’ve never done collages.) However, I can type stuff so here we go.

In my story there are two main races that once ruled together over the other races. 1) The Illians, who were gifted with healing and 2) the Humans who find beauty in things that can’t be healed. The Illians and the Humans eventually have a falling out and go their separate ways. The Humans grow more and more frightened of the Illians and their healing magic, while the Illians try even harder to “fix” the earth. Which brings me to one of my main themes: is idealism really ideal?  Which sounds like it has an obvious answer, but I think that if people have never felt suffering, they can never feel real happiness. There’s no point for comparison.

So, yep. Then my story is just the war that eventually breaks out between the Illians and the Humans and exploring more of the idealism idea. At the moment, I have 53k words, but it is not organized at all so I’m not sure if that counts. 😛

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