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(how many places can you hide weapons in a ball gown?XD). No hurry tho, if I can ask whacha working on?

Apparently, a lot of places! Extra-long hairpins, bracelets with knives hidden in them, and I had an idea that you might be able to replace the metal boning in a corset with a flexible blade. It wouldn’t be ideal for fighting, but if you had to cut your ropes or something like that, it would be perfectly hidden.

Also, whale-bone corsets have enough reinforcement that they’re as good as armor! Historically, they have stopped stabbings and even bullets, in the case of metal-boned corsets. That’s something they don’t mention in the history books XD Don’t even ask why I needed all this XD

I actually just finished the project! It’s my new profile picture. I started on Ehud, but I’m already regretting the pose, because of foreshortening. *Deep sigh* Well, I’m getting there!

I think I’ll actually draw him in that peacoat you had before because it’s really cool. Will that be alright?

I’m leaning toward 1920’s but it’s just a loose date for the ascetic more than the accurate cos I’m probably gonna add a bit of a fantasy-steampunk flare to anything ya give me there.

(Fantasy/steampunk flares are the best! I’m currently vaguely planning a Victorian age fantasy, which I think would be so much fun.)

Okay, crash-course jazz-age fashion! I’ll be focusing mainly on women’s fashion because the men’s fashion was reasonably standard. You can find info on that pretty easily. (Honestly, I just find it boring so I haven’t researched it XD)

The most important part is the silhouette, which changed SO much from the 1910s to the ’20s. Straight dresses and skirts to the knees. Silk stockings were often worn. There was no waist definition, it was entirely straight from shoulders to hips. Corsets were much less worn in the ’20s. The dresses were often sleeveless for summer.

Hair was almost universally short. Blunt bobs were very popular.

For evening-wear, sparkles. Just, sparkles everywhere. Sparkles, sequins, fringe, you can’t really overdo it. Bejeweled headbands were pretty popular. Long gloves for very formal events and very long strings of pearls were worn.
If you want it more fantasy-ish, but still want to keep the aesthetic, all you really need to mention is the shorter skirts and dresses, dropped waistlines, and bobbed hair. Most people will get what you’re referring to just from that.
The 1920s are thankfully pretty easy to research. Pinterest is your friend! You can find photographs and old patterns, which are such a help.

Those are perfect dates! Especially since idk the first thing about it I just know that fantasy world draws more from a Spanish heritage XD. I’ve never really put a lot of thought into the fashion for my fantasy worlds but it would definitely fill-in more of the visual and give it that much more world-building.

Okay, this is an awful lot trickier. I don’t know that much about this era, but I can give you some places where you could research. If you want it more for the visual and general correctness, you could look up the Italian renaissance fashion, since it was close to Spanish. The specific terms for it would be the Italian or Spanish renaissance.
If you have twenty minutes to spare, there’s a YouTube video by The Ultimate Fashion History that explains it in detail. I watched it a long time ago, so I don’t remember much, only that it was detailed and pretty clear, with lots of images and all the correct terms, plus good video quality. It was originally a course for students studying fashion history, so it’s very precise and accurate. If you really want to understand how the fashion of the time worked, I recommend checking it out.

It’s really cool that you know all this stuff! Thankyou thankyou!

You’re totally welcome! Hope this helped!

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