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LOL, I’ve been sewing too long XD But yeah, if you need references, you can use those terms to get really specific images.

Cool! Thanks!

LOL, that is too relatable XD I’ve been getting way too many pins about all the places you can hide weapons in a ball gown. (I’m a writer!! I promise!) But it’s awesome for getting references for art! I totally love those poses!! They really suit Ehud! I’m in the middle of a project now, but once I finish that, I think I’ll draw Ehud! Maybe the fourth one? I think I could manage that!

(how many places can you hide weapons in a ball gown?XD). No hurry tho, if I can ask whacha working on?

For instance: “The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.” And, “He leaned tensely against the corridor wall and frowned like a man trying to unbend a corkscrew by telekinesis.”

Those are hysterical, LOL!

*Bounces rapidly* Yesyesyes! I do!!! By Prohibition fashion, you mean the 1920’s? Or the rationing of fabric during WWII? Sorry, both of those can be interpreted that way XD.

I’m leaning toward 1920’s but it’s just a loose date for the ascetic more than the accurate cos I’m probably gonna add a bit of a fantasy-steampunk flare to anything ya give me there.

And for Spanish medieval fashion, which century do you mean? Because the Spanish fashion of the late middle ages to the early renaissance was amazing, and I do know a bit about those!

Those are perfect dates! Especially since idk the first thing about it I just know that fantasy world draws more from a Spanish heritage XD. I’ve never really put a lot of thought into the fashion for my fantasy worlds but it would definitely fill-in more of the visual and give it that much more world-building. It’s really cool that you know all this stuff! Thankyou thankyou!

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