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Hello, friend!

Oof, exams. They’re so… “fun” XD

Ah, yes, I’m looking forward to it!!!! A lot!!!! (Did you hear the sarcasm? XD)

My job is going really well so far! I work at Chick-fil-A now, so if I start saying “my pleasure” at the end of everything, that’s why   I’m really enjoying working there, and my coworkers are so fun!

Oh, that’s awesome! That sounds really cool!

Okay, I’m gonna be honest: Dutch literature sounds horrifying XD I applaud you for surviving that, LOL *standing ovation*

LOL, it gave me the opportunity to read the most surrealistic junk that has ever existed, so that’s fun XD There were two extremes, extreme surrealism, as in: Mermaids, randomly teleporting, time does not exist, monkeys are trying to cut their tails off to be more like humans, and speaking foxes. Good stuff! XD (BTW, every single one of those examples was copied directly from the books XD. I’m not exaggerating.)

In one of the surrealistic books, (The Wandering Jew) the main character was at Jesus’ crucifixion, but he was alerted to it by church bells. Church bells. Do you see the problem here? XD We couldn’t figure out if it was purposefully weird or just really inaccurate. That was actually kind of funny XD

The other extreme is extremely realistic. As in, the characters do nothing except wash dishes, go to work, come back, go for a walk on the weekend, and repeat the process for 200 pages. I think the author was trying to impress the meaninglessness of life upon the reader, at least, that’s what it felt like. XD

We have read so many books for my English class that I have lost count XD My favorites have been <i>The Book Thief, Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird, Frankenstein, </i>and Macbeth.

Of those, I only read Pride and Prejudice (I didn’t finish it XD) and The Book Thief. I LOVE The Book Thief. The prose is just plain spectacular!

I think we’re going to read Great Expectations this semester, and I’m curious about it, so hopefully, it will be as good as I hope.

It’s excellent! I really enjoyed it, and I hope you will too!

Sure, those totally count as classics   I’ve only read the first Anne of Green Gables book out of your list, so clearly I have not been fully educated LOL.

LOL! Those others are more obscure, but I still really like them. (My favorites are Anne of the Island and Anne’s House of Dreams). I’ve also read a bunch of L.A. Montgomery’s short stories and her other books “The Story Girl” and “The Golden Road”. I loved those too! There’s a movie series based on it: “Road to Avonlea” but it’s really loosely based, the characters changed a ton. I do really like Road to Avonlea, though! You have to see it as entirely its own thing though.

I’m currently going through Witness Protection by Carol Kinsey, and I’m actually in a small book-&-writing club with some friends of mine, one of their friends, and Carol Kinsey herself! We’re all writing stories of our own and hope to be published, so Carol offered to help us by teaching us methods for writing and development and whatnot while going through her book and a study guide thing she wrote for that purpose! Sooooo I’m excited about that XD

Oh, WOW! It’s SO cool that an author is helping you, that’s awesome!

I don’t think I’ve heard of either of those books. What are they about?

Rescue is a Historical Fiction about France in WWII. Meg Kenyon finds a crashed British pilot in her barn, and he brings her news that her father is in a POW camp and she has to complete a secret mission and solve a code to rescue him.

It was amazing! I finished it and it’s awesome! It was thrilling and twisty and incredible. Jennifer Nielsen is one of my all-time favorite authors, her books are amazing and she’s an awesome person. She’s really active on her blog and interacts with her fans a lot, it’s awesome!

Skyward and Starsight are both by Brandon Sanderson. They’re both Sci-fi books set in outer space about a girl, Spensa, who wants to join the air force, despite the fact that her family is shunned because her father turned coward and ran away during a fight.

Spensa is one of the best characters I’ve ever read, she had a lot of depths, quirks, and oddities. Besides that, she was really funny. I’d heard a lot about Sanderson’s books, but this was the first time I’ve read any of them since I don’t read fantasy with magic systems. But Sci-fi is one of my favorite genres and so far, the books have surpassed expectations.

Random question!

What’s the weirdest (not necessarily the best XD) point of view you’ve ever read?

The weirdest I’ve ever read was a Dutch book, The Master Thief, which was told by an extremely unreliable narrator who was actually the villain. The narrator was constantly exaggerating so much that you couldn’t tell what actually happened, so the book was really weird overall XD

There was stuff like fighting polar bears, cities made of gold, flying around while being towed by pigeons, etc. The MC was constantly doing selfish and outright cruel things, then justifying it by something like “Yes, perhaps that was technically wrong, but you shouldn’t worry about that. It makes life much too complicated.” Whenever anyone opposed him, he dismissed it by claiming they were jealous XD

So his antagonist was actually the unselfish and all-round good guy, who was only on-screen a few scenes XD I didn’t actually figure out that he was the villain until the third book. (It was more like three novellas though, each about 100 words) There was ample fourth-wall-breaking, in the weirdest places. Honestly, I’ve never read anything like it XD It was kinda fun though!


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