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Ikr! I haven’t posted a sketch of him yet cos of that too! He’s so energetic it’s like trying to take a non-blurry picture of a hummingbird or successfully escape chores without repercussions! That…and I got distracted by impractical possible jacket designs XD. Like these

Ooh, I love those sketches! They have so much energy and movement, they really suit him! That jacket looks awesome, I’d totally wear that XD They’re actually not that impractical… *Mentally draws pattern* Yep, definitely possible! It’s a peacoat with long coattails, cuffs, pockets, and either a hood or a collar, I can’t quite tell. Honestly, I kinda want one now XD It looks totally awesome on Ehud!

I think that’s actually why I haven’t found a good pose for him yet. Everything looks too stiff… Hmm, I’ll find something eventually XD

Also, your similies were fantastic XD

I’m drawing Liorah’s wardrobe, mostly so I can describe/visualize it better. And, because I enjoy making life as hard as possible for myself, I decided to make all her clothing, if not historically accurate, historically feasible. That means all pattern pieces are either rectangles or triangles (Because if you just spent a year hand-weaving a piece of cloth, you aren’t going to throw any of it away!) and they can be made without elastic, gathering, zippers, etc. So far (I’ve only got one outfit) It’s possible, and exceptionally fun XD I have an eternal adoration for historical fashion, so it gives me an excuse to go down that rabbit hole.

So far, I’ve only got her travel outfit:

For this one specifically, there were an awful lot of things to take into consideration, like movability, sun protection, foot protection (Because horses), and awesomeness (<i>Very </i>important). But I’m actually pretty happy with it! The front of her tunic is actually longer (Mid-calf) but it can be tucked into her belt for easier movement. That is neither historical nor strictly practical, but it’s cool, so it’s staying XD

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