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I’m so glad you like it!! I actually didn’t use white for the ribbon, it was just a pale pink. Actually, it was almost medium pink, it’s just the contrast that makes it seem light. I don’t use pure black or white, ever, since it looks so flat. Even for technically ‘black’ stuff, I like to use dark blue. I do that with pupils, they’re actually navy, though I used highly saturated cobalt toward the light spot. I love doing that, it makes it seem sort of vivid.

Whoa I swear it looks like a white bit of reflective light, tis glorious. (Saving your technique for future use. Shall never forget).

I’ve been trying to start on Ehud’s digital picture, but I’m having trouble with a good pose. I’ll try to find one, but I haven’t yet.

Ikr! I haven’t posted a sketch of him yet cos of that too! He’s so energetic it’s like trying to take a non-blurry picture of a hummingbird or successfully escape chores without repercussions! That…and I got distracted by impractical possible jacket designs XD. Like these

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