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IKR! I must have the lasso and undo features now they are my favorite and resizing a billion times is a must lol! They are my favorite right next to the layer (which allows you to lasso individual parts even they’re tangled-connected to the rest of the drawing) and the hazy brush.

Yes, it’s awesome! I resize almost every drawing I work on XD And the layering is so helpful, it completely changed my art when I discovered the ‘soft lighting’ setting. My lighting and shadow used to make everything look gray XD And the hazy brush is a lifesaver for backgrounds, it really gives you the effect of distance.

Maaaaaannnn, the colors in that drawing I’m gonna die! And that ribbon! I can never blend white with my colors so flawlessly it looks photorealistic. And the shading gives it so much dimension *sighhhh, still staring at the picture over and over again*

I’m so glad you like it!! I actually didn’t use white for the ribbon, it was just a pale pink. Actually, it was almost medium pink, it’s just the contrast that makes it seem light. I don’t use pure black or white, ever, since it looks so flat. Even for technically ‘black’ stuff, I like to use dark blue.

I do that with pupils, they’re actually navy, though I used highly saturated cobalt toward the light spot. I love doing that, it makes it seem sort of vivid.

Lol yes, she definitely has an attitude *Rosario; I…don’t. I merely do my job with more efficiency that ninety percent of the population. Me; your job was to kill people. Rosario; and I completed it very efficiently. Me; inching to the door…*

LOL! Exactly XD

I’ve been trying to start on Ehud’s digital picture, but I’m having trouble with a good pose. I’ll try to find one, but I haven’t yet. 😉


Yes! Krita is amazing! I use it for all my digital art…the brushes are fantastic.

I totally agree!

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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