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Here’s a tip if you’re struggling with color schemes. Just look up color palettes, on Pinterest or on Google, or whatever. You’ll get 5-7 colors that look great together. And you can look for a specific… well, theme, like “Desert” (I use this a lot for Liorah and my other characters in my current book) Or even search stuff like “spy” or “Fantasy”. You can find more earthy or brighter tones, or whatever works with the character. I often use this when I get stuck in the same colors. (Liorah always ends up in blue, I don’t even know why XD)

Hey cool! Thanks! (That’ll be helpful especially if I don’t try to overcompensate for small flaws while coloring. My biggest problem is overcompensating for dumb little details)

I love working digitally, mostly for the colors. I can mix anything I like, and undo when I make mistakes. It’s glorious. I often find myself trying to lasso and resize stuff while working with pencils XD I use Krita, a free drawing program, and I will never stop ranting about it. It’s so amazing! It’s easily the best program I’ve ever used. It’s much better than photoshop, which I used too for a while. There are gorgeous blenders and brushes, and it just works so brilliantly. It’s improved my art so much!

IKR! I must have the lasso and undo features now they are my favorite and resizing a billion times is a must lol! They are my favorite right next to the layer (which allows you to lasso individual parts even they’re tangled-connected to the rest of the drawing) and the hazy brush.
Maaaaaannnn, the colors in that drawing I’m gonna die! And that ribbon! I can never blend white with my colors so flawlessly it looks photorealistic. And the shading gives it so much dimension *sighhhh, still staring at the picture over and over again*

One of the first things my mom said when she saw the drawing was “She has attitude.” I was like “Yes. Yes, she does.” XD The pose just works really well with her. And that pink ribbon is beyond adorable! It creates a really nice focal point.

Lol yes, she definitely has an attitude *Rosario; I…don’t. I merely do my job with more efficiency that ninety percent of the population. Me; your job was to kill people. Rosario; and I completed it very efficiently. Me; inching to the door…*

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