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Oh goodness I just noticed that you responded!🀦 Sorry.

My family didn’t seem to notice, or care, about the change in Ahsoka either. Not to mention that whoever wrote the story didn’t know his pancakes from his flap-jacks when it came the history of the Jedi and Star Wars as a whole. Just, UGGGHHh, absolutely no attention to detail and a total lack of respect for the stories that came before. ……..Yeah you’re right…just gotta calm down…..Hakuna Matata ✨

Here have some doughnuts ヽ(α΅”α—œα΅”)οΎ‰πŸ© 🍩 🍩 🍩

Also, where can I find your fan-fic?

Just remember to... Trust in God, Stay Safe, and Eat Doughnuts 🍩🍩

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