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Hi Ally, sorry it took so long to reply. I can totally relate to school taking up a lot of time XD I’m getting ready for exams in a couple of months and it’s kinda stressful XD

How do you like your job so far? What is it, if you don’t mind telling? Totally fine to ignore that if you’d rather not say 😉

I totally recommend it! I mean, it’s kinda dark, but I think it’s really good! I read it for my English class two or three years ago and really enjoyed it.

That’s cool! I don’t have English literature, but I had Dutch literature last year. That was fun… I still have fond memories of the Medieval play (written entirely in rhyming old Dutch) Blech XD I needed to read a book from each time period (About eight books total) and eight more modern ones. That was a unique form of torture XD

What books did you read for your literature class? I actually like a lot of the classics. Dickens was brilliant, though it’s definitely better as an audiobook, that way you can go on with life while listening to three pages of description XD My whole family listened to Great Expectations, and we really liked it. Nobody saw the plot twist coming, not even my dad, who always guesses them first. I won’t spoil it, in case you haven’t read it. I’ve also listened to the Tale of Two Cities, but I liked Great Expectations better.

My other favorite classics are The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Little Women series, (Including Little Men and Jo’s Boys), The Secret Garden, The Railway Children (I love that one.) A Little Princess and the whole Anne of Green Gables series. I don’t know if all of those count, but I think they do XD

What’s the most recent book you read? I’m in the middle of “Rescue” by Jennifer Nielsen, and “Starsight” by Brandon Sanderson. I stopped in the middle of Starsight because Rescue came out XD

Without darkness, there is no light. If there was no nighttime, would the stars be as bright?

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