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I agree with Erynne, your sketches look great! My pencil–especially colored pencil–looks like a bunch of two-year-olds went wild fighting over the color-scheme. (On which point, yes, Rosy’s digital, I used the MangaStudio 0.4 program although I’m trying to toggle with it and my new program that I got for Christmas). I usually stick to sketches because my coloring is either blotchy or blurry.

I don’t actually know what you’d call my style XD It does have some elements of the Disney style to it, though I think it’s a bit more proportional. (Disney princesses just look weird to me XD They have like, two-inch waists and huuuggee heads. XD) I do like the eye style, so I copied that.

IKR! They all have Barbie bodies and it just looks weird! But the eyes are gorgeous! And your sketches’ eyes really do pop out btw.


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