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This is the final part!!

Megyn returned with the doctor at her side. Kedori reluctantly stepped back as they surrounded his friend.

They’ll help him, he told himself. It’s going to be okay. Kiet will get better. He has to.

As the two moved about, he sat with his back against the wall. It was so strange, seeing Kiet laid out ill. He was always the one on the other side, the one bringing healing and comfort. Memories trickled back into Kedori’s mind. It was Kiet who had rescued him from a dangerous home, Kiet who had brought the smile back to his face. He owed him so much. It felt akin to betrayal to have no way to help him now.

The doctor’s mouth twisted as he pressed a stethoscope against Kiet’s chest. Kedori pushed the foreboding feeling aside. If he gets better–no, when he gets better–I need to have a plan to get him out of here. Maybe. . . maybe this is a blessing. It would have been nearly impossible to break him out of the Tower. Here, you have a chance. His eyes wandered to the stand across the room. And the key to those cuffs is right there. You just need to figure out when there will be few enough people around for you to slip out unnoticed.

Then another thought spiked through his mind. What about Megyn? When the warden finds out he escaped, she’ll be in trouble. She’s been putting in her all to save Kiet’s life; you can’t betray her like that!

He sighed as the doctor wiped his hands and said something to Megyn. I suppose I’ll have to leave a note of some kind when I take him, with my own handwriting and signature. Taking the blame myself is the only way to be sure it doesn’t get placed on her. I can’t risk sending her to the Tower. Anxiety twisted his chest. But that would put a permanent target on my back. If I do that, there will be no retreat. Both of us will be locked away if we get caught, maybe for forever.  

The doctor left the room. Kedori’s eyes flicked to Kiet’s flushed, sweating features. But none of this will matter if he doesn’t make it through. And he’s not looking good.

Megyn drew the sheet up over Kiet to his chin. Kedori’s blue eyes searched her face–she could feel it as she smoothed the sheet over Kiet. She lifted a wet cloth from the bowl they’d set on the table with one hand. Squeezing some of the water, she sat on the edge of the bed as she began to bathe his face again. “Poor guy,” she whispered.

Kedori laid his hand on her arm. As she turned, he signed with worried eyes. Will he get better?

I think so, she mouthed. Turning her eyes back to Kiet’s face a moment, she sighed, then looked back at Kedori. It may be a little while, but Dr. Benson says that he should recover. She studied his face a moment, keenly, yet compassionately. Are you alright? 

He nodded, even as he blinked back tears. Thank you, he signed.

Her lips trembled. She felt the pressure of sympathy squeezing around her heart as she opened one arm to him.

For a moment, he just gazed at her, tears filling his eyes. The next he wrapped both arms around her shoulder and neck. Hot tears dripped against her as he shook, as though trying not to cry.

With a sigh, she clasped her hand around his head and laid her cheek against it. It’s okay, she signed within his eye shot with her free hand. You can cry.

His whole body trembled. A sob broke out of him as he wept. Softly. Brokenly.

One of her tears dripped into his hair. She sniffed as she held back the rest, rocking as she tried to comfort him.

As Kedori let out every ounce of the emotion weighing on his shoulders, his heart set in stone. No matter what happened to him, Megyn had to be safe. He’d visit daily until Kiet recovered, learning the workings of the hospital’s schedule. When the time was right, he’d break him out.

And he would leave a note pinning the blame on himself.

An hour later. . .


She lifted her head. Martha stood just outside the curtain looking in. “You okay, dear?”

Megyn nodded as a dim smile plastered itself over her face. “I’m fine. What is it?”

“Commander Enlow just sent a message, asking about you.”

“Oh my.” Megyn looked at her watch. “I lost track of time.”

“You’ve been sitting here nursing that boy for quite a while.” She peered into his bed. “Is he alright?”

Megyn glanced at his flushed face. “He’s about the same right now, but I think he’ll recover.” She looked back at the elderly nurse. “Tell Conayre that I’ll report to HQ within the hour.”

Martha nodded. She dropped the canvas, then slowly walked away.

With a sigh, Megyn rose from her seat on the edge of the boy’s bed and put her suede over shirt and coat back on. A few silver tears dripped down her cheeks as she lifted her backpack from the floor and swung it over her shoulder.

As she adjusted the straps, her eyes wandered back to Kiet’s face. Biting her lip, she stepped to his bedside and laid a hand on his feverish brow. For a moment, she simply regarded him as her heart cried.

She leaned over, her lips close to his head. “I have to leave now.” she whispered. “But I’ll come back tonight. And I won’t abandon you in this. I promise.” Tears fell on his flushed cheeks, despite her efforts to blink them back. As though on a sudden impulse, she touched her lips to his forehead for a moment, then lifted her head and smoothed out his sweaty hair. “Get well, for Kedori’s sake,” she murmured.

Rising, she gave Kedori a half-smile and a quick hug before walking toward the curtain. With a mighty effort, she set her chin, slipped through the curtain and hurried away.


And that’s that . . .for now . . .


Psalm 119:11
Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.

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