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Those sketches are amazing! You’re really good! I love the movement and energy in the drawing! That’s something I struggle with in my drawings, I often overwork them, so they come out stiff and boring. I love the sketchiness in yours, and Rosario’s hair looks amazing and beautifully wild.

I don’t actually know what you’d call my style XD It does have some elements of the Disney style to it, though I think it’s a bit more proportional. (Disney princesses just look weird to me XD They have like, two-inch waists and huuuggee heads. XD) I do like the eye style, so I copied that. I try to keep them from looking stiff, but I get that a lot XD For me, it’s either wonky anatomy or super stiff and boxy. I’m still working on a balance XD

What art medium did you use for those sketches of Rosy? Looks digital, maybe?

But it’s a really fun, crazy style to draw in you basically have to forget everything about anatomically correct to even begin and the hair is basically its own entity to draw.

Your anatomy looks good to me! As long as nothing looks off, you can do pretty much whatever you want XD

Thanks for sending me the quirks! I’ll see if I can work them into the drawings!

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