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I like it, they look great!
Quirks…lemmie see, Ehud’s mannerisms I modeled a little off birds and cats, he constantly has his hands in his pockets or runs his hand through his hair when he’s thinking, if you’ve seen Big Hero Six he shares a lot of Hiro’s mannerisms. He also ducks between his shoulders a lot or tilts to one side.
Rosario pretty much un-animates all movement. She stands and walks like a soldier, borderline like a robot. However, she does a reasonably expressive way of crossing her arms. Usually she fold her arms in a relaxed-murderous way, but when she’s stressed enough she still has her arms crossed but might space her arms away from her chest, she pretty much always has a intense look.

It’s so awesome that you draw manga! That’s such a pretty art style! I’d love to see your drawings of Ehud and Rosy if you’d like to share them?

It is such a pretty art style! And it drives me crazy that it’s so hijacked with lewd images (whatever you do, do not simply look up ‘Manga pics’ ever). But it’s a really fun, crazy style to draw in you basically have to forget everything about anatomically correct to even begin and the hair is basically its own entity to draw. I still haven’t gotten all the expressions tho. This is a sketch of Rosario…if it worksXD

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