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Yay! I’m so glad you liked it!! Red is my favorite color too 😉 And it’s beyond adorable that Rosario wears a pink ribbon for Ehud! That’s so CUTE!!

Okay, to post pictures, you first click on the little picture-insert thingy-thing, on the far right of the top bar of the post you’re writing.

Then, right next to the bar that says ‘source’ there’s a little button where you can select files from your computer. (I’m assuming you know how to save files, but I can explain that too if needed 😉 )

Select the file, wait for it to load, and a link should appear in the ‘source’ bar. Something like : storyembers. org/ etc.etc.

That’s fine, that’s what it’s supposed to do, then click okay, and then it should insert the image into your post. If you need to send a pdf. just open it and copy and paste the URL (link). That should work too since you need a JPEG to insert.

Okay, I hope that made some sense!

I’ll start on a quick sketch of Rosario! I really want to draw a picture of Rosy dragging Ehud around by his hood, because that’s adorable. XD

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