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That’s a great sketch and, yeah, I need a billion sketches before I beat down a base design <3. My favorite are the eyes, they have great dimension! And the hoodie, the wrinkles and the fasteners pop out like 3D! I imagined his hoodie about the same color as the eyes you drew (but red is my favorite color and I love hoodies! My favorite hoodie is green…and I’m actually wearing it right now XD).
I do have reference pictures but idk how to post them, I’ve never posted anything online and apparently the StoryEmbers posts create links to pictures online and pdfs don’t work. Can you teach me how to post pictures?
Description of Rosario…lemmie see, she’s a couple inches taller than Ehud, her hair is curly, brownish-black, shoulder-length and usually kept back in a pink ribbon (bc when Ehud gives you a ribbon. You. Wear. A. Ribbon. lol) and she has thick bangs that half-cover her dark eyebrows, her eyes are very dark almost solid black and her profile rather chiseled. She’s more curvy than slim but also muscular.
Thank you for drawing them! I’ve always drawn them in a more cutsy Manga style and it’s neat to see a more realistic design! I’m so happy you’re having fun with it!!!

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