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I’m so sorry, your post somehow didn’t come through! *facepalm*

I made a quick sketchy colored-pencil drawing of Ehud since I found his description in the Character castle. I wanted to work out the design a bit first, so I just did this kind instead of a full digital drawing. There isn’t much color, since that takes a ton of time, so I just indicated it a bit. I had sooo much fun with this!

It was kinda tricky to make him look as cute and innocent as he is without making him look like a twelve-year-old or a girl XD Did I succeed? Who knows!

Yeah, the eyes are exaggerated, that’s a stylistic thing XD And I’m not entirely happy with the hair, but it’s close enough for a sketch. And I had no idea what color his hoodie was, so I made it red because that’s just somehow what I imagine? Maybe because my favorite hoodie is red XD

Could you give me the description of Rosario and tell me what I need to change about Ehud? Go into as much detail as you’d like, and if you happen to have any reference pictures that match what you imagine lying around, those are a great help! Thank you so much for letting me draw them, I’m having so much fun with it!

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