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@kayla-skywriter Hey! How are you doing?

We a meeting on Google Hangouts with the rest of the peeps today. I just wanted to let you know what’s going on.

First, a lot with the Rooks master plan. The Rooks are going to be scouting out a place in the canals to pollute half of the water source, which in turn would destroy half of the food/crops supply for the next spring. This will give the rooks the advantage they need over the people when they’re trying to gain absolute power over the city. they could say ‘hey, we have a lot of supplies and food stored away, follow us if you don’t want to starve’. For now, however this will be just mentioned as a possible scouting mission to Xanah (Mayacat’s Character – see Character Story Doc 2), so that the plans are sort of in motion, but we don’t have to totally focus on them yet. So that the readers are aware that something is happening behind the scenes, but they don’t know exactly what.

Also, as a response by the Government to this incident and In order to help calm the people and assure them that they are doing something about the problem,¬† the government host a public announcement that the Rooks might be able to sabotage and blame on a sparrow scapegoat. The Sparrow’s scapegoat is hopefully going to be Sandrye.

Secondly, about the forest, which is why I posted in this thread. We didn’t really decide what the forest original purpose was, so I guess that can remain a mystery. Forest is now used for lumber and fire wood, operations run by the government. There is a fine or an arrest punishment for people who enter the forest unauthorized. And there are cougars in the forest. And smaller game animals, such as rabbits and squirrels and some kind of deer or stags. Maybe what would prompt¬† some people to enter the forest in the first place, food for their families. Also, we’ve decided to put the forest just outside Sector 9 on the map you made. If it’s not a problem, would you please add it to the map?

And lastly, the subject of romance. Emberynus says she NEEDs romance and I have volunteered Megyn for this. I just would like to know what you think about the subject and if it okay with you.



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