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@dakota I think setting up a google doc would be great. Here is the first part, I did use part of your idea. Hope you like it.

Everyone else: @urwen-starial @esmeralda-gramilton @naiya-dyani @mayacat


The precinct had seen better days. When the building had first been built the walls had stood proudly at attention, but now they seemed to have lapsed into a sloppy parade rest. Hundreds of officers and detectives had once roamed the halls, attempting to solve the puzzle of crime. Now only a few remained, and even detectives were now forced to carry weapons at all time to protect themselves.

This was where Altan lived, the only work he knew. The Chief had practically raised him, and after his several days absence, he’d been called home.

“You wanted to see me, sir,” Altan said to the back of his red-haired boss.

“Yes,” Chief Flanagan replied as he turned from the window to face his detective, “let me make this absolutely clear. Where the blithering blue blazes have you been?”

“I’m sorry, sir, I had an urgent matter that needed my attention,” the young man rushed to explain.

“And what urgent matter was so important that you didn’t see fit to inform me first?”

Altan paused to be sure of his wording, “I met someone who needed my help.”

“For a full forty-eight hours!” the Chief questioned incredulously. He shook his head, “Altan, you know I try to be patient with you, but please just tell me everything. I don’t have time to play this game.”

“I met a girl.” The words spilled out of his mouth before he could realize what he was saying. He winced. That was not how this was supposed to go.

“A girl!” The Chief exclaimed, his temper stoked. “Altan, I expected more from you.”

“No,” the young detective quickly tried to explain, “it’s not like that. I think I know her from somewhere.”

“Just because you passed her in the street on rounds doesn’t mean that you can just shirk your duty and disappear without notice.”

“No. I… I remember her from before.”

The anger in the Chief’s face extinguished as if someone had dumped water on it. “Oh Altan.” He waited, trying to decide how to proceed. “Did she stir any memories?”

Altan looked down. The Chief waited, after years of working with Altan he’d learned to let him take his time. “Not full ones. It’s more like she made me fully aware that I’d forgotten something. It’s all in the way she talks, and the phrases she uses. It brings something back.”

The Chief nodded slowly, “Well, I am glad you found another lead. However we have a more recent case to work on at the moment.”

Altan nodded and gave the Chief his full attention. This was detective work, not family business.

“There’s been a murder, a young man by the name of Wesley Kossa, he went by Wes.”

“He worked for the government didn’t he?” Altan asked with a bored quirk of his eyebrows. He’d have to be blind not to notice that most of the victims in his work were fellow government employees and most of the men he filled the jails with were the common folk.

“Yes,” Chief Flanagan admitted, “but that doesn’t make him any less deserving of justice.”

“I never said it did,” Altan defended himself.

“Anyway, this hasn’t been made publicly known yet so keep it quiet. If anyone bothers you for details send them to me.”

“I will do that, sir,” Altan answered, “but you haven’t given me any details so spill yet.”

“There aren’t any details yet, that’s for you to find out, Detective Altan Vermilion.”

“Point taken,” Altan acquiesced.

The Chief remained silent for a moment, but did not release his detective. “Altan…” he began, then tapered off as if not certain he wanted to continue.


Chief Flanagan sighed and barged on, “I have decided to issue you a partner.”

Altan’s eyes widened and he opened his mouth to object.

“I know,” Chief Flanagan interjected before Altan could completely disregard protocol. “You think that a partner would only slow you down or some such nonsense. But, I’ve seen her work and she’d be an excellent match for you. She is experienced in the private sector and I believe will be a great hire for the Outopian Police Department.”

Altan bit the inside of his lip to keep from saying something he’d regret. “Who is she?”

“Her name is Latisha Naish. She’ll meet you at the crime scene.”

Altan shifted, deciding something in his mind. “Why?”

“Why what?”

“Why are you giving me a partner? Haven’t I proven myself?”

Chief Flanagan pulled himself up straighter and Altan knew he’d gone too far. “Altan. You are a good detective, perhaps one day you will be a brilliant one, but you need to learn your place. You are an officer of the law just like everyone else in this office.”

Altan studied the floor. The tiles could use a good scrubbing.

“That being said…”

Altan chanced a glance up at the Chief.

“ The reason I’m assigning you a partner has nothing to do with your capabilities. Detective Naish is here on a trial basis and you are more familiar with the workings of this building than anyone here, with the possible exception of myself. You were the perfect detective to get her accustomed to this job.

“You also have only minimal field experience, where as she is very capable. You both have much to learn from the other, and it is simply not safe for a detective to go out on to the streets alone. Either I partner my detectives up or I’ll have to assign patrol officers just to keep you safe. If you two are with each other I don’t have to worry about you!”

Altan bit his cheek this time, to keep the smirk from sneaking onto his face. The Chief did care.

Chief Flanagan scowled, letting Altan know his smirk had been noticed. “Dismissed.”

Altan nodded and headed for the door.

The Chief turned back towards his window and stared outside in silence.

“As for this girl you met.”

Altan froze in the doorway.

“Don’t let her distract you, son,” the Chief warned, “the past is gone. You can’t change it and neither can she.”

Altan brow furrowed. He ducked out of the room, closing the door behind him.




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