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@kayla-skywriter Okay, that’s fine. I don’t typically share my email on the either.:)

Yes, Latisha’s description is in the doc. And from the sounds of it, the way you’re part begins is fine. If you’d like, we can set up a Google doc or some other online writing platform, to write this together on.

One way she could be added is that the Chief wanted a partner for Altan, but, since many of the other officers were busy, he couldn’t find one . . . until he sees an ad for Latisha Naish, P.I. in the newspaper. Maybe the Chief could even drop by her office for an interview or something, to see if she was qualified before he tells his son that he will have a partner (which you don’t have to include in the part you post. He could just say that he did.)

That’s just a suggestion. What ever you want to do is cool with me. 🙂

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