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Kayla Skywriter

@emberynus-the-dragonslayer Hello to you too. I’m doing well, although I am very busy. I’m currently in the middle of hippology season (hippology is a contest run by 4-H where contestants compete to see who knows more about horses) and so I’ve got either a meet or practice ever week end and they’re all over the state. So… yeah busy but evidently not too busy to write.

I do not mind Altan having a partner for the investigation, although he might. I don’t share my email over the internet, but if your character’s description is in the doc I’ll look at it there. I’ve had a small part written for the beginning of the investigation for a while. The way I have Altan written is that he’s practically the adopted son of the police chief and also the up and coming detective. So, if that works for you, I can add in the fact that Altan will have a partner and then post that part. If you’d like me to change something to fit your character better I can do that too, just let me know.

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