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Emberynus The Dragonslayer

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Korynth/Ian/Jin and random tower guard that anyone can use later if they want 🙂 :

The air was frosty inside the stone walls as Guard 347 slouched sullenly near a torch on the wall. Opposite him, Guard 501 stared down at the floor, wincing whenever the scream of a prisoner echoed through the corridor. Guard 347 smirked and tossed the small stone he had been fingering, across at his fellow guard. It struck the young man’s arm and he gave a yell of surprise. His head jerked up.

Guard 347 chuckled huskily. “What’s the matter with you, Richard? You look like you’re going to be sick.”

“Nothing sir. I’m just tired.” Richard smiled faintly.

“And what’s makin’ you so tired? Can’t handle the night shift?”

“It is a bit rough sir. Especially with this being only my seventh day. But thankfully, I think it’s almost over. I see a little bit of sunlight coming through between those two bricks behind you.”

“Well now. So it is.” Guard 347 replied grouchily. “I was just getting settled in for some fun.”

“Fun? As far as I’ve seen, nothing much ‘fun’ ever happens around here.”  Richard shivered, looking enviously at the torch glowing brightly on the opposite wall beside his companion.

“Ahh. Richard. Richard. Richard. You just haven’t learned to appreciate the simple things of life.” the man grinned hideously and settled closer to the flame.

“Simple things? Like what?”

“Like the desperate cries of prisoners; the screeching of hinges; the snap of a whip. . . Those kinds of things.”

Richard’s face paled, “I’m sorry to say that I don’t think I can ever enjoy those ‘simple things’.” He turned his face away and sighed.

Guard 347 burst into laughter. “You just weren’t cut out for this job were you?”

Richard bit his lip. Through the hideous laughter came a loud, commanding knock on the heavy door. Guard 347 barely had time to choke down the last few chuckles before the knock came again.

“Hey have patience you gutter rat!” He rasped. Hurrying to the door, he unlocked it and removed the heavy bolt. The door swung open.

“Gutter rat. Really?” Ian’s familiar voice was as cold as ice, despite his amused expression.

“Oh! Officer Wolf! Sir I- well I didn’t think. I didn’t know.” Guard 347 sputtered.

Richard stepped forwards with a quick salute, “what do you need sir?”

Guard 347 grabbed Richard by his shoulders and shoved him back. “Hey, remember your place 501.”

Richard tried to catch himself, but tripped on the stone the man had thrown earlier and fell on his back. Guard 347 grinned in pleasure and turned back just in time to have Ian’s baton pushed against his chest.

“Drake. That’s enough.” Ian’s voice grew harder. “Korynth, bring the prisoner in.” He tried to step past Drake to help Richard up.

Drake regained his composure and blocked Ian’s way as much as he possibly could with his rather minute figure. “Hey! I can’t just let you in without seeing your ID.”

Ian smiled, his eyes sparkling with fever and something else that Korynth knew meant danger. “If you need to know who I am. I’ll be more than willing to show you.” He raised his baton a little higher.

Drake laughed nervously. “Oh no no. That’s fine really. Come right in.”

Ian went to Richard who was picking himself up off the floor. Grasping his hand, he lifted him up the rest of the way. “Are you alright Richard?”

“Yes sir. Thank you sir.”

Ian coughed and nodded his head. “We brought a prisoner in for questioning. He’s suspected of being a part of the sparrow rebellion.” He leaned against the wall for a moment as Korynth brought Jin into the tower.

Drake stepped forward and took Jin roughly by the arm, “I’ll take him back to the Warden.”

Ian shook his head. “Richard. Could you take the prisoner back to the Warden?”

“But he doesn’t know what he’s doing! He’s only been here seven days”

Korynth handed Jin off to Richard, and turned to Drake, “Don’t question Ian’s orders.” He said quietly.

Ian straightened up. “We’d better get going Korynth.” He whispered, his breath catching in his lungs.

Korynth pressed his lips together and nodded. “Good day Drake.”

Drake stood aside, grumbling as the two officers exited the tower. He slammed the door after them, throwing the bolt to, and let out a dramatic roar of  rage. “Richard!!”

Sold souls and dead promises

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