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I checked out your blog and I like it. 🙂 I think I forgot to follow it, but I’ll do it next time I read more. Haha, ya I’ll just start when it works best for me and when I know my parents will be fine with it. Though I don’t think they’ll care.

Okay, glad I can at least guess what it is. xD Lol. I’ve never really thought about self publishing, really, just doing it with a publishing company. So though I don’t know right now what I’ll do if I want to publish, I could see myself just doing traditional. I haven’t done the mindset course, especially since I’m not anywhere near publishing and I know it 😉 😛 but maybe I’ll check that out sometime.

All good! I totally didn’t think that it could be confusing to you, but I totally get where you’re coming from. Haha. Definitely laugh out loud!

xD 😀 That’s hilarious that we both were like “what is going on?” Nothing more confusing when neither party knows what’s happening! Lol!!!!

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