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Kayla Skywriter

Okay, here is Pasha and Era’s next part. I’m hoping to get another one done soon, but my life is really busy so we’ll see.


Pasha stared at the door.

It didn’t move.

The large dog sighed, chest lifting of the ground before settling back in a new spot. Stay. Wait. That was what his boy had– his master had said. Yes, his master had told him to wait here for him to return. He needed to wait.

But he’d stayed without moving all of yesterday.

Did the boy really know that Pasha’s training demanded that he wait exactly where he’d been? Pasha doubted it. The boy had no idea what Pasha was capable of.

Pasha kicked a leg out behind him, relaxing into a more comfortable position. What would happen if he just stood up for a second, or maybe walked around? That was what the boy had meant. Right? He was just a boy and not a master.

Pasha went still again. He had made the decision to follow this boy. He must obey him as a master, even if that meant teaching him to be one.

A rat jumped down from a low window and ran around the corner. Its tail leaving a scent so strong that Pasha could almost see it.

Drool dripped from Pasha’s jowl and melted through the snow onto the cement below.

Pasha clomped his jowls closed. Mastery of stomach was one of the first lessons. Food came from master.

But the boy wasn’t a master.

The dog’s empty stomach rumbled, echoing off the silent walls.

Another rat startled from a dingy corner, aiming for a hole on the other side of the street.

It didn’t make it.

Pasha snapped up the rat, sickly tail and all. The boy would not care and his old masters were not here.

Pasha returned to his place and lay back down.

The snow began to fall more heavily and soon Pasha was hidden in a drift. His nose tingled with cold, but he didn’t move.

The soft crunch of snow alerted Pasha to another presence outside the prison. His ears pricked to catch the sound and his nose twitched in the snow. His muscles were tight with anticipation, but he didn’t disturb even a single flake.

Then she stepped into the light.

While the snow had matted into Pasha’s fur, making it poof up in undignified clumps, the snow merely added sparkle to the other dog’s coat. She stood alert, watching the door as well.

Whoof. He huffed softly.

Her head whipped around so fast that her feet slid on the ice. She was forced to stick her legs out to balance herself again as her eyes darted around the alley, searching for the source of the noise.

Pasha waited a few more moments, then lunged out of the snow. A wave of snow shot out from his coat and he shook himself to be rid of it.

The sliver dog jumped in surprise and whirled around in excited circles.

Pasha’s tongue lolled out the side of his mouth in a happy grin. Got you.

His angel stopped her mad dance and trotted up to him. She smiled back, tail curling up onto her back like a flag. Where have you been?

Oh, here and there.

She sneezed. There’s snow.

Pasha hung his head and shook his paw to rid himself of a few snowballs that had caked in there. I know.

The angel snapped at the falling flakes. She shivered in the cold, but not hunched up like Pasha. She shook her shimmering coat as if to scatter the energy she felt onto the ground that it might share in the fun. I love snow.

Pasha huffed.

Wanna play again? Her tail flopped a bit to one side and her head tilted to the other.

Pasha looked at the door. His boy had told him to stay. But… he wouldn’t go far.

Okay, Angel. Pasha dropped his head and front legs and waved his tail in the air.

She snapped at the fur on his head. Angel?

Pasha rubbed his nose in the snow and covered it in his paws.

The silver beauty flopped down next to him. I like it. More flattering than Era.

Pasha lifted his head out of the snow and rested it on his paws while he looked up at her.

But… if I’m Angel, then you’ll be Bear.

Pasha shifted, considering. Okay, Angel.

Angel stood up. Okay, Bear. Let’s play. She dashed away, spraying snow in his face.

Bear went bounding after her.


and @naiya-dyani If you post you next part before I do mine (which is what I’m fairly certain will happen) you should know that Pasha will not be outside the prison when Kedori and Megyn leave. Just thought you should know.

I hope I didn’t get too out of control with Era (I do really like her name by the way, Angel is not better). I love writing for her.

And for everyone else: @mayacat @esmeralda-gramilton @emberynus-the-dragonslayer

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