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True enough.

Thank you! I’m going to check it out right after I finish replying to this. 🙂 Cool! I’ll definitely tell you if I start one, but I’m not totally sure when that will be. But hopefully sooner in the next year than later. I haven’t asked my parents about it, but I think they’d be fine with it, though I still need to tell them about it before I just start. 😛 😀 That’s super cool that you’re already seeing benefits. 🙂 Good for you!

Haha, I have to admit that I’m not even exactly sure what indie or traditional is. 😉 Is traditional just publishing with a publishing company? Lol, I really don’t know hardly anything about publishing, even though me friend just got published a year ago. xD This goes to show how much I have yet to learn…

xD xD xD xD We are both so confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies laughing at our confusion* At least it’s not just me though!!! I think you read my message wrong. xD Lol! I meant that my friend makes screen savers of people’s personal stories. So like I can get one done of my story, and other people can get them done of their own stories. Not other people’s. xD I am so sorry for the confusion! I meant to say that I am going to have her do a screen saver for me, but when I was explaining what she does, I used the word ‘you’ as an example. You know how when people are explaining something and they say “so when you walk down this one street in town…” they really mean themselves, but they still use the word “you.” Do you understand me now? xD *continues laughing as she explains the whole thing*

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