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The wind drove yesterday’s snow across the road into her pony tailed hair as Megyn sprinted towards the Sector 2 gate. Hopefully I’m not keeping him waiting, she thought as she brushed stray hairs from her face. It was a–busy morning.

Her breath fogged the air before her with puffs of frost as she drew in lungfuls of frigid wind. The frozen stone beneath her crunched with a crust of mixed mud and snow with every step. Snowflakes settled under the collar of her coat to run in icy streams down her neck. She shivered as she rounded the last turn.

There Kedori stood by the gate, his hair dusted with woolly snow. Pasha sat on his haunches by his side, looking almost like a polar bear with white snow piling on his white coat.

Megyn gasped in relief as she redoubled her strides. He made it. She skidded to a stop before him, then turned and sank back against the wall. Her shoulders heaved as she panted, each breath a dense, snow-white cloud. Turning toward him, she lifted her hands.

Have I been making you wait long? she signed. Had an intense surgery this morning–

A low cough shook her. She covered her mouth, trying to catch her breath. A cold nose nudged her leg as Pasha whined.

Kedori shook his head. I haven’t been waiting long. His forehead twisted. Are you alright?

She swallowed down the next cough as she replied. Yes, just out of breath. I ran all the way from the hospital. I’m ready.

A wave of wind rushed over them as they walked toward the gate, Pasha matching Kedori’s stride as he trotted next to him. It shoved hard bits of snow in their faces and down into their coats – or in Pasha’s case, his fur.

Megyn shivered as they settled on the back of her neck under her hair. She glanced over at Kedori as he trudged next to her. He’s worried about Kiet, she thought. She pressed her lips together as her own heart skipped a beat. Please, Father, let him be okay.

A strong gust struck them. She braced herself against the wind, squinting as it tried to force its icy fingers into her eyes. Her hand swung out, grabbing Kedori’s shoulder as the wind blew harder.

His head jerked toward her as something like a growl rumbled in Pasha’s throat. Kedori flinched as he looked searchingly at her. You okay? he signed, then rested a restraining hand on Pasha’s collar.

I’m fine, she signed. I just–felt like I had to help you stand against the wind. It’s an instinct. I’m sorry.

You’re okay, he signed back as a faint smile touched his face. You just startled me a little.

Megyn nodded. She faced the wind, setting her chin as she pushed forward to the gate of the Tower of Punishment.

Psalm 119:11
Your word I have hidden in my heart,
That I might not sin against You.

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