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Naiya Dyani

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Time to set up for some pain, darlings *rubs hands*

The footsteps receded down the staircase. Gerik gritted his teeth, head whirling. Kiet had sounded so–honest. For those few minutes, he had sounded just like a frightened boy in over his head.

He sounded like what he seemed to be.

Stop it, Gerik. You know better than anyone it’s not true. His eyes burned as tears formed. You know what his people did to your village–to your family. If you really care about the Sparrows, you’ll get a grip before you let him shatter them!


The key squeaked as Megyn turned it in the lock. Don’t do this! her heart screamed as she slipped it back into her pocket. Don’t leave him here in this abode of death!

“I have to,” she whispered in a voice torn. “But I will not abandon him. I will return.”

She turned to Kedori, nodded, and walked down the halls back to the entrance.

Her eyes sought the floor as they walked. A thought troubled her with each step, reverberating in her soul louder that the crashing of closing cell doors as guards took out and put away prisoners.

If Kiet’s wound does become infected and he becomes ill, I’ll need to take him to the hospital. What if they don’t let me? I can’t stay here to nurse him and tend to my duties at the hospital and walk my route with FRMS. Lord, please grant this case a measure of grace in the eyes of the Tower Warden.

As they reached the entrance, she raised her eyes to the ceiling for a moment in silent prayer. Father, keep him. Assure and remind him of Your love. He needs you.

The doors into the courtyard yawned, allowing the icy breath of the wind rush in as they walked out of the Tower. The guard at the gate nodded to them as he swung it open.

After the gate crashed closed behind them, Megyn turned to Kedori and lifted her hands.

Are you alright?

Kedori rubbed his arm. Yes. It’s hard seeing him like that, though.

If I have anything to do with it, he thought, he won’t stay that way.

If there’s any way to break him out at all.

She bit her lip as she nodded. I know. I’ll do my best for him. She paused as her eyes focused on the distant hills. And that same troubling thought returned to nag her.

Do you want to come back with me tomorrow? She asked.

Kedori nodded rapidly. He needs as much friendly company as he can get.

Alright. Then we’ll meet at the same place, same time, she signed back. As she turned her wrist, her eyes locked on the time. 3:00.

I’m sorry, I must go now. I need to report at the FRMS headquarters, she signed. For a moment, she stood still, hands poised to sign. Slowly lowered her hands as she held out in her arms in a silent question.

Kedori managed a smile. Without another word, he succumbed to the embrace.

It wasn’t cold anymore. His head was burning. Yet he shivered.

This isn’t normal, the healer side of Kiet’s brain said. Something’s wrong.

Yet the rest of his brain fought the thought, longing for rest. Kiet moaned, unable to find a comfortable position with his wrists locked against the wall. A sharp pain shot through his leg. He gritted his teeth, arms trembling.

God–please, don’t let me be sick. I can’t do that in here. Of all places. . .

A chill raced down his back. Please. . . I need rest.

Hearts are like matter--they can be beaten down, torn, and burned, but they cannot be destroyed.

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