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I don’t know about you, but I think I write pretty good during the first draft and if I go, “oof, that’s bad”, it is like a sign of your growth, if that makes sense.

Yep! Exactly! I have two writing moods: “This is literary genius. This is amazing. ” and the other is. “I don’t even have a basic grasp of English. I have never read anything as terrible as this in my entire existence and I should ‘give it to the fire so it’s improved.'” (Still the most relatable thing Ovid has ever written.) I guess that’s just a part of being a writer XD

I have a question about Save the Cat: There are so many different versions of it that I’m not sure which to pick. Do you have any videos to recommend?

Of course! Here’s one that has really helped, she does a good job of explaining it.

And I think Alexa Donne has a good video too! She goes a little more in-depth. Those videos really helped me understand it since I learn easier by video than by book 😉 Hope that helps!

Yes! I’m sure your dialogue is fantastic! Yes, these ones are so good! They are almost too much fun. XD

Thank you! I hope so XD

Oh my goodness, yes, these scenes are part of my favourite too! I love writing arguments (that sounds bad but oh well XD) and drama through dialogue is great as well! I love reading them, so it make sense that enjoy writing them as well.

Ooh! YES!! Arguments and drama are the best!

Action scenes (like fighting, running, character doing a lot of active stuff) and I also have trouble with changing from one scene to the next in the same chapter.

SAME! Like, action scenes are HARD! Especially since I don’t exactly have experience with any sort of martial art XD I used to have so much trouble with these, but I think I’ve improved some. Battle scenes are still a pain though! I’ve written two, and the first was awful. I rewrote it, but it was still awful XD So, I’m re-rewriting it XD The second one is definitely better, but I had to rewrite that one too. My critique partner read it and reacted like. “No. No. Try again.” I have a tendency to skim over stuff in action scenes, so it turns out really vague and boring.  But, I’m actually pretty happy with the rewrite. (Thank goodness XD)

I also tend to get caught on transition scenes. I’m pretty bad at filtering out irrelevant information. XD

What are some of your favorite tropes in books?


"Stories are light. Light is precious in a world so dark." The Tale of Despereaux

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